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Millennials As B2B Buyers

A Report on understanding motivation, attitudes, and digital direction for capturing their attention

SoCal BMA - YPs

By the year 2020, Millennials will gain significant prominence as consumers of business-to-business marketing information -- significantly influencing the decision-making process. B2B marketers, need to understand how technology adoption blurs the lines between business and personal information for Millennials.

What does that mean for how we look at the access and messages we use to connect with them?

As members of the workforce, they continue to thrive on recognition and frequent, close interaction with supervisors. Leaders and marketers ought to demonstrate that they value and care about Millennials, and want to foster relationships with them.

Mellennials As B2B Buyers highlights specific characteristics of the Millennial Generation that impact our work as B2B marketers -- as we look to engage, nurture, and foster relationships with this group as B2B buyers. Members that want to successfully market to this newest adult generation should read this report.