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What Makes A Great B2B Website?
Part 1 of 4

Arturo Perez, CEO - Kluge Interactive

Too often when marketers gear up to build a new website, they get stuck in thinking through all of the technical considerations -- as the technology continues to improve.

The multiple platforms available are doing a terrific job at standardizing must-have features such as a responsive approach and a good Content Management System (CMS). But in spite of the thousands of themes (plug-ins and extensions) out there in the technology ecosystem, these automated solutions cannot replace a holistic User Experience (UX) based strategy that generates results.

Unlike consumer websites, the B2B user or target buyer is more critical, skeptical, and less susceptible to emotional appeal. Judging the company’s culture, size, and professionalism, B2B users look for solid objective data that shows who the company is and why they are the right choice.

With this critical view in mind, a B2B website must thoroughly deliver on its execution with a connected effort between the Brand, Content, and User Experience (UX). If any of these three pillars is weak or goes unconsidered, the entire site suffers.

In this four-part series, we will address each of the pillars, citing examples of how they can be used to turn your company story into a lead generating machine. In Part 2 we go beyond the logo, in Brand -- the Visual Story.

I welcome your comments, and invite you to share this information.

Photo - Arturo Perez - Kluge Interactive

Arturo Perez, CEO
Kluge Interactive

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