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Post-Event Recap - "Mastering the Three-up's and One-down" with Robert S. Murray
Luz Marina - Marin Productions

What a great time we had Wednesday night, March 13th, at our executive roundtable dinner with Robert S. Murray and his presentation, Mastering the Three-Up's and One-Down. (Learn more about this topic at my Mar 11 posting below.) Thank you Bob!

Those of you who attended the event might agree the top three lessons learned (and the most entertaining!) were "squirrel", "chasing shiny objects", and "the wisdom of Billy Idol".  (For those who did not attend... Yes, that Billy Idol!)

As for our roundtable discussion portion of the evening... First, I want to mention our January event with keynote speaker Gail Miller, former marketing exec for Toshiba America. Attendees from that event will recall our discussion topic for the evening, "What is your pain?".  Gail's presentation (B2B Insider Marketing Strategies, Social & Success) paved the way that evening for our lively roundtable dinner discussion, delivering great ideas and resources offered by Gail and attendees throughout the room.

At our following chapter roundtable dinner (Wed, Mar 13), Bob's terrific presentation took us on a journey through practical, heartfelt, company leadership stories and insights -- inspiring our discussion topic for that evening, "What is your company's remarkable distinction?" It made for fascinating revelations about ourselves and our companies, and opportunity for Bob to further illustrate the importance of leading from the right -- side of the brain, that is.

"I found the presentation to be engaging and interesting. Some great examples were shared by Robert Murray about how he experienced the challenges in turning around a business and how he learned to truly engage the employees. The roundtable discussion around what makes our businesses remarkable brought out some very thought provoking conversation. Great event!"  Denise Hopkins, Vice President, Small Business Segment - Experian Marketing Services

"I thought it was great. Mr. Murray's use of stories helped keep his presentation engaging while still communicating some great principles for leading an organization. I made some notes I'll be sharing with my entire team in a company meeting coming up. In particular, I found the distinction between the 3 areas of excellence (operations, innovation, or customer intimacy) helpful to share, with the comment that we want to be good at all of it but need to especially focus on one."  Robert Miller, Owner - Lester Lithograph

The peer networking topped off the evening connecting business leaders, senior corporate marketers, managers and communicators from all four areas within our SoCal BMA chapter territory -- Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, San Diego, and Orange County.

For you fellow foodies... We enjoyed a light dinner that evening at the Center Club consisting of colorful Fresh Vegetable Crudités with delicious Hummus dip; sliced Tri-Tip Beef and Whole Grain Mustard; comfort-food Jerk Chicken Skewers with Rosemary Ranch sauce; fresh and delightful Caprese with Basil & Balsamic Reduction; a fantastic Winter Truffle Corn Risotto (my personal favorite!); and Merlot and Pinot Grigio wine, along with the Club's wonderfully refreshing "spa water".  It was a light and flavorful meal perfectly suited for our lively and productive discussion!

Thank you to our event sponsors OmniPlatform, Young Company, and Steve Giraud Photography. Their support for this event helped make it possible for each attendee to received their complimentary copy of Robert S. Murray's book, It's Already Inside: Nurturing Your Innate Leadership for Business and Life Success.



Photo - LuzMarina

Luz Marina
Executive Producer / Creative Director - Marin Productions
President, Board of Directors, Executive Committee | Director, Programs & Events - SoCal BMA

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Mar 11

Drive change and grow your business by "Mastering the Three-Up's and One-Down"

Join us Wed, 3/13 in OC! If you are already registered, invite a colleague or business friend to join you next Wed, Mar 13, 4p-7p, at the beautifully-renovated Center Club, in Costa Mesa, Orange County. 

What are the "Three Up's"?

  • Increasing Revenue

  • Productivity

  • Customer Satisfaction

What is the "One Down"?

  • Decreasing Cost

The pressures in the C-suite have never been more intense than they are today. Business competition is at an all time high, and global pressure is causing chaos in every market. If you are a successful b2b marketer, you look outside your business and into the business of your customers and prospects. Understanding the pain and the challenges business leaders are are going through, and knowing how to apply the three-ups and one-down to your customers and prospects, will help you position your business to thrive, in spite of these challenging times.

During this presentation and roundtable discussion with international C-suite turnaround mercenary, Robert Murray, you will discover how to:

  • Identify where your company needs to strategically focus

  • Extend a deeper customer appreciation and understanding within your organization

  • Unlock the code to leading change with the hearts and minds of all stakeholders

Excerpts from prior chats with R.S. Murray

"From various C-suite positions I've held with companies over the years, I have learned that a whole lot of leaders operate purely from their left brain. And the ones that are really good have figured out how to simplify that left-brain activity.

Everything that comes at them, everything that they think about, they categorize into four simple file folders -- what I call the three-up's and one-down: how they're going to drive revenue up; increase production; increase customer satisfaction; and of course the one-down, reduce and control cost.

I'm a turnaround guy...I have found that organizations that are not as successful as they could be is usually because they are missing a few of the basics. An entrepreneurial organization, small to medium organizations suffer from what I refer to as entrepreneurial's disease, where they're constantly chasing shiny objects. In larger organizations which are very, very structured, I see that leaders in those organizations chase different kinds of shiny objects... usually pushed on them by the board or the market analysts.  It causes leaders to react and behave in very uncharacteristic ways.

Three percent of truly greatly successful organizations enjoy double and triple digit market growth; they enjoy majority market share; their bottom line is significantly more profitable than their competitors... they pay attention to those three-up's and one-down, not just driving cost down.

From a marketing perspective, if companies don't embed their distinctive advantage -- why they are better or why their customers buy from them -- into their entire organization, they'll never truly succeed.  Those that get it, the global top three percent, they understand their customer, deeply, and they craft their product and service that fits that customer's needs. They embed that throughout their entire organization -- from one end to the other -- HR goes out and looks for people that will fit those needs; the operations team structures standard operating processes. That's the difference between the global top 3% of great organizations versus the other 97%. Great companies get it. They embed it everywhere.  And marketing plays a huge role in that."  Robert S. Murray