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Q:  Why should I join BMA? 

A:   If business-to-business marketing worked like consumer marketing, you wouldn't need us.

Focusing solely on the field of b2b marketing, BMA provides a wide range of services, resources, and opportunities to help you meet the daily challenges of sustaining business profitability and enhancing your development as a B-to-B marketing professional.


Q:  How do I become a member and how much does it cost? 

A:  Simply go to our Membership page to learn more and complete your member application.


Q:  Is there a fee for attending a SoCal BMA event? 

A:   Fees for attending SoCal BMA events vary.  Check out our Events page for details per event. 


Q:  Are most chapter events for the purpose of networking? 

A: Seldom. Other than the occassional season mixers (summer and Christmas), our members prefer peer networking as a product of bringing b2b marketing and communications professionals together at our educational, training, and professional development events.


Q: Do SoCal BMA events happen at same locations, day of the week, and times each month? 

A:  Not so much.  Chapter events take place at various locations throughout Southern California.  Venues, dates and times vary as posted on our Events page.


Q: Do I need to be a member to volunteer at SoCal BMA?

A:  Yes. In addition to national and chapter member benefits, there are many benefits to volunteering with SoCal BMA.  Simply go here to learn more about joining, and to complete your member application.


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