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Featured Books

Image - WinningWithCustomers - Book

Winning with Customers: A Playbook for B2B

A practical tool set for B2B companies to make better customer-informed decisions, sell value effectively, and continuously understand and improve their value proposition. Winning with Customers offers a step-by-step playbook to help companies develop this capability for themselves, act on it, build a culture around it and sustain it over time. The playbook includes case studies, interviews, and tools from leading B2B companies who have demonstrated success. Written by recognized business thought leaders and practitioners, this book will guide you to profitable growth. The book also serves as a launch point into a community of like-minded executives that includes a companion website which offers exercises, access to thought leaders, and other tools help you win with customers.

Image - Book - Manufacturing Demand - David Lewis

Manufacturing Demand: The Principles of Successful Lead Managment

Today, savvy marketers and forward-looking organizations are embracing innovative new models driven by cutting-edge technology and analytics to align sales and marketing, pinpoint (and respond to) customer needs, and achieve breakthrough revenue gains. In Manufacturing Demand, marketing guru David Lewis, CEO of DemandGen International, reveals the transformations taking place in marketing today, including the rise of the marketing geek and the emergence of the so-called fifth and sixth P s of marketing: Process and Programming. If you're ready to move into of the next generation of marketing, get ready to start Manufacturing Demand.

Image - Book - Self Marketing Power

Self Marketing Power: Branding Yourself as a Business of One

Author Jeff Beals has done an excellent job explaining the reality that people are products. In this competitive, global economy, you need to stand out. And whether you're hoping for a promotion, trying to land a major client or striving to make a difference in your community, one thing is for sure: The world has no room for shrinking violets. Self Marketing Power is a book about business, career and life success. It's perfect for anyone who wants to boost revenue, start a business, close more deals or move up the corporate ladder. Through fascinating examples and entertaining stories, you will learn how to build a personal brand and promote it to your personal target audience.


Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business

Customer experience is a fundamental business driver. It's your only source of sustainable competitive advantage. But how can you master it? Based on 14 years of research by the customer experience leaders at Forrester Research, OUTSIDE IN offers a complete road map to attaining the experience advantage. You'll see how the roots of customer experience success or failure lie deep within your company, not just with customer-facing employees. And you'll learn about the six disciplines that customer experience leaders must master: Strategy, Customer Understanding, Design, Measurement, Governance, and Culture. With dozens of diverse case studies from around the world, OUTSIDE IN is the one resource you need to turn a focus on customer experience into growth and profit.

Image - Book - It's Already Inside

It's Already Inside: Nurturing Your Innate Leadership for Business and Life Succes

Whether you want to be CEO of a large corporation, lead a sales team, inspire your organization, or just be a better person, Robert Murray's book It's Already Inside can show you, in practical ways with real-life examples, how to tap into your innate leadership skills to get the job done, encourage those around you to succeed, and to bring fullfilment and purpose to your life.

Image - BMA 90th Anniversary Commemorative Book

The Business Marketing Association: 90 Years of Inspiring B2B Marketers

This commemorative book tells the story of how the specialty of business-to-business marketing came to be and how it has evolved over nine decades. Enhanced by full-color captioned images, the coffee-table style book includes a brief overview of the different eras of the BMA legacy and looks toward the future of the association and the profession.

Image - Book - Running the Gauntlet

Running the Gauntlet: Essential business lessons to lead, drive change and grow profits

What’s stopping you from making the changes your business needs to thrive? The most dangerous move in business is the failure to make a move at all. The history of business is filled with companies that are no more because their leaders refused to enact change when the writing was on the wall. Fear. Apathy. Lack of personal responsibility. These simple human flaws can turn a good company into a dead company. The writing on the wall has never been clearer than it is now—and marketing phenomenon Jeffrey Hayzlett is on a mission to make you see it, understand it, and heed it. Today’s business environment is so competitive and volatile that you can’t afford to be satisfied with business as usual. You must make changes now to compete in the future.

Image - Book - The B2B Executive Playbook

The B2B Executive Playbook: The Ultimate Weapon for Achieving Sustainable, Predictable and Profitable Growth

The world for executives in B2B companies is critically different from the world of their B2C counterparts.  All too often B2C strategies and tactics are applied to B2B companies, which leads to disappointing, even disastrous results.  B2B requires a completely different playbook. In this groundbreaking book, Sean Geehan draws upon over 20 years of experience to outline the proven characteristics of successful B2B companies and the strategies they must adopt in order to survive and thrive.  He and his team highlight case studies and research from market-leading companies such as Harris Broadcasting, Crown Partners, Henny Penny, Springer, AmerisourceBergen, Intesource, Oracle, and more to prove what practices succeed and why others fail.


Image - Book - Content is Currency

Content Is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web and Mobile

Just because certain sections of your site are wildly popular doesn’t mean that they have no room for improvement. In fact, you should be looking at these areas as a golden opportunity rather than a goal that’s already been accomplished. Do whatever you can to make the existing content even better, including various SEO techniques (bolding, mixing up important keywords) and adding new similar content to complement the existing material.  Register now for Jan 24 SoCal BMA's Webinar Wednesday, featuring author Jon Wuebben presenting on this topic.


Image - Book-Presentation God

How To Be A Presentation God - Build, Design, and Deliver Presentations that Dominate

Scott Schwertly begins to right the multitude of wrongs we have endured at the hands of dull speakers and poorly crafted presentations. He shows you how to design and deliver a fire-breathing, earth-shaking presentation that will have your audience praising the heavens and hanging on your every word. You'll find proven and effective step-by-step secrets for delivering transcendent presentations with an easy-to-implement approach focused on engaging content, personal storytelling, and effective design elements—the holy trinity that leads to godly delivery.


Image - Book - RAH

Ready Aim Hired 2011: Survival Tactics for Job & Career Transition

Here is the plain truth about finding a new job. You are in a contest where there is only one winner. They will not hire two of you for the same job. Competition is really tough in today’s high-unemployment job market. You must know how to compete, beat your competition and secure the job and money you deserve. Author, Fred E Coon, will walk you through that entire process from start to finish. This book will help you change jobs or careers easily and without the stress of the typical job search. Knowing what to do, when to do it and what to say during your interviews can only come from solid advice. You can't "wing" it and hope to win. If you want professional guidance and the right tactics from someone whose clients get jobs 40% faster and significant increases in compensation, then Ready Aim Hired is the book to purchase. Ready Aim Hired is an easy-to-follow, results-driven job search guide with lots of interactive exercises, solid advice and powerful tactics for you to use, whether you are changing jobs or careers, this book will provide step-by-step instructions so that you, like Mr. Coon's clients, can get more money and a job in much shorter time than your peers in the job hunt today.


Book - Adv Top

Advice from the Top: The Expert Guide to B2B Marketing

If you're serious about B2B success, having Advice From The Top within arm's reach of your marketing campaign is a must. Written by 24 expert marketers with years of proven experience, every chapter includes real-world case study...If you're serious about B2B success, having Advice from the Top within arm's reach of your marketing campaign is a must. Get corporate, agency, and consulting expertise with fresh insights into what marketing strategies are working today, or not. In this book's four sections, you will learn how to be relevant and timely as you: Build a marketing strategy, Develop content, Implement your marketing plan, Measure your sweet success.


Image - Book - Mktg Groundswell

Marketing in the Groundswell

Authors, Charlene Li and Josh Bernhoff, Forrester Research. "Since Groundswell was published in April of 2008, two things have happened: The global economy has gone into the dumper; and at the same time, marketers have fallen in love with social technologies." So states co-author Bernoff in his introduction to Marketing in the Groundswell, which offers vital information that everyone involved in marketing or in communicating with customers' needs to know. The book includes three core chapters from the original bestseller that focus on market research, marketing, and spreading word-of-mouth among your best customers. Sure, you already know that customers are writing about your products on blogs or talking about your brand on Twitter and Facebook. Now, turn that interest into opportunity and profit.


Image - Book - Mirror Test

The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing?

Jeff Hayzlett is a big, boisterous guy who has the guts to get in your face and tell you exactly why your business isn't doing well. In short, he asks the questions that most business managers are afraid to ask. And as Jeff points out, if you aren't willing to look at what's working and what isn't - and then take the necessary steps to fix them -- well, you and your colleagues and employees are in for a tough ride. Known for his outspoken appearances on numerous TV reality shows, Hayzlett has built his career on having the ability to get his people to look up and pay attention to the problems at hand. THE MIRROR TEST will teach readers -- through entertaining and timely anecdotes -- how to thoughtfully yet aggressively evaluate, deconstruct, and then reconstruct one's business..


Image - Book - Groundswell

Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies

Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li show how leading companies are gaining insights, generating revenues, saving money, and energizing their own customers. Whether you're in marketing, research, support, sales, development, or even running the whole enterprise, there's targeted advice here for you, backed up with real-world ROI to prove it works. The book is based on hard consumer data and experience with dozens of companies, large and small, from Procter & Gamble to Ernst & Young to a tiny but wildly successful winery in South Africa. Hoping to learn how to take advantage of communities, blogs, wikis, Facebook, or YouTube? We've got lots of examples with proof they work.


Image - Book - Mktg Turbulent Times

Marketing Through Turbulent Times

Author Jenny Darroch, has written this book for decision makers who want to ensure that their marketing strategies are not only relevant for today’s difficult environment but will also provide a solid foundation for future growth, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone making strategic marketing decisions. Marketing Through Turbulent Times is a common sense, accessible book about marketing that provides a range of tools, principles and approaches for managers wanting to fine tune their current marketing strategies today and identify innovative growth opportunities which will allow them to lead their organization toward a robust future. Even in periods of growth, creating turbulence, staying relevant, maintaining momentum, executing current strategies well, and forcing changes to product-market boundaries will remain essential ingredients for any organization wanting to grow, reconfigure, and survive. The strategies outlined in this book are appropriate for any organization where generating growth is a primary goal.

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