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Part of 2013 Global BMA B2B Rising Series

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Harnessing the Big Data Revolution
with better access to customer insights than ever before.

Tuesday  •  November 12, 2013  • Irvine, CA

S e s s i o n s


Photo - Susan Etlinger - Altimeter Group

Susan Etlinger
Industry Analyst
Altimeter Group

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Session 1 - Social Data Intelligence: Preparing Your Organization for Big Data

In the past several years, social media has proliferated throughout enterprise-class organizations. Yet social data are still largely isolated from business-critical enterprise data collected from Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), market research, and other sources.

Fast Facts:

  • Today, thirteen different departments in enterprise-class organizations are now actively using social media
  • Organizations have an average of 178 social media accounts
  • Social media represents the largest big data challenge many organizations face today

In this presentation, Altimeter Group industry analyst Susan Etlinger discusses how, for some organizations, social data is the first significant Big Data challenge they will face.

Attendees will learn:

  • Challenges and opportunities of social and other forms of big data
  • The four stages of social data maturity
  • How leading organizations are measuring the value of social data

Susan will lay out an imperative for Social Data Intelligence, identifying key dimensions that organizations must understand, pragmatic steps they can take toward mature integration, and how successful businesses are using social data in the context of other critical enterprise data to drive measurable value throughout the organization.


Photo - Shawn Elledge - DemandCon


Shawn Elledge
Engagement Officer
DemandCon & Integrated Marketing Summit




Session 2 - Harvesting Big Data for Event Marketing Success

Any marketer who has either hosted their own event or sponsored an existing event will most likely tell you that event marketing has become more and more challenging. Yet a recent study by reports that event marketing is today's second best B2B lead generation strategy.

During this session Shawn will share:

  • How he uses big data to improve the effectiveness of his event marketing
  • Free and/or affordable data tools every marketer should know about
  • Ideas on how to get more, better data into your CRM now
  • Tips on how to use this is data to increase marketing effectiveness

Shawn will also offer the tips, tricks, and affordable tools every marketer should have in their arsenal.


 Photo - Ryan Rieches - RiechesBairdPhoto - Alan Brew - RiechesBaird
 Photo - Dr. Bill MacElroy - Socratic TechnologiesPhoto - Steve Patti - CMO


Ryan Rieches, CEO
Alan Brew, Principal


Dr. Bill MacElroy, President - Socratic Technologies, Inc.

Stephen Patti, CMO - formerly at Peer 1 Hosting

Session 3 - Using Discrete Data to Develop a Focused Brand Strategy

Creating a breakthrough branding strategy is often the result of walking the fine line between science and art. Advanced data and research analytics are critically important to garnering key insights and understanding perceptions in the marketplace.  And the art of branding is applying those insights to create a brand promise that will resonate with core audiences today and those of tomorrow.

The panel discussion for this session will feature best practices for using data to inform brand strategy for an established corporation seeking to reposition itself in the marketplace.

Attendees will learn:

  • Big Data implications for CMOs - trends in data gathering, analysis and application
  • What type of data is most relevant for positioning and monitoring brands
  • How data can be applied to create brands that are believable, defendable and relevant
  • The use of big data for monitoring and real time sensing of brand perceptions

Panists, Ryan Rieches and Alan Brew of the B2B brand strategy firm RiechesBaird, Dr. Bill MacElroy of market research firm Socratic Technologies, and Stephen Patti, CMO, formerly at Peer 1 Hosting, will discuss a data-driven approach to brand building, and how this methodology was applied at PEER 1 Hosting to establish a differentiated position in a crowded industry.


Photo - Michele Grieshaber - IBM


Michele Grieshaber
VP Demand Programs, North America



Session 4 - The Science of Marketing and The Art of Conversation

Today’s empowered customer has access to an abundance of information. Data indicates that before clients are ready to speak with a potential vendor, they often complete 50-60% of the decision making process through self-discovery, making it key for marketers to engage clients with relevant content during the discovery process.

In this session, Michele Grieshaber will share her experience:

  • Building client-centric conversation-based frameworks that span the client buying journey
  • Defining moments of interaction and content requirements to help focus in the creation of relevant client assets
  • Informing the delivery of those assets and aligning with sales to intercept the client when they are ready to engage

She will demonstrate how building a customer-centric strategy helps translate internal messages into the conversations that are happening in the marketplace and ensures the messages are in the right context, that they are understood and heard.


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