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Aug 6

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Content Marketing Forum
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BLOG - Measuring Social Media and Content Marketing, Part 1 of 3 by Martin van der Roest, Batavia Research
There is a younger generation that is immersed in social media.  This is bookended with an older generation that is skeptical of its value and ROI.  I have heard some marketing managers suggest that their social media and content marketing are being done by part-time interns, outsourced to overseas writers unfamiliar with perhaps cultural nuances, and office personnel already tasked with other responsibilities and so on.  The message is ‘it’s not a big deal”, “anyone can do it” and “I don’t really think it’s that important”.

BLOG - Relevance Is The New Black by Jayne Merritt, FMC Technologies, Inc.
Technology has permeated all aspects of our lives and has changed our approach to everything.  There are people in the workforce today who don’t know what life was like before computers. Yet there is an even bigger demographic – the baby boomers, many of whom still struggle – who are active and involved and still demand to be heard.

Business Marketing Association is the world's premier community devoted exclusively to advancing the business-to-business marketing profession. BMA provides a wide range of services, resources, and opportunities to help you meet the daily challenges of sustaining business profitability and enhancing your development as a b2b marketing professional. No other organization delivers the same level of commitment to the information and peer networking needs of business leaders, marketers and communicators. From executive roundtables to panel discussions to online events, BMA Southern California Chapter (SoCal BMA) serves its b2b marketing community through education, professional development, and peer networking. As a business marketer or communicator, your needs are distinct from those of the consumer marketing environment. SoCal BMA focuses on meeting the challenges presented in business marketing and communications, day in and day out. more


SoCal BMA Welcomes New and Renewed Members

Greg E - CEO, SD-San Diego    Brian B - Director, OC-Irvine    Lindsay D - Manager, OC-Irvine
  Sandra B - CMO, OC-Santa Ana    Juanita G - Sr. Marketer, LA-Long Beach    Jinsha M - Manager, LA-Los Angeles
Andrew J - CEO, IE-Riverside 
  Steve P - SVP, OC-Irvine    Chris B - CEO    Christopher V - CMO


Career Connection | Job Bank SoCal BMA's Job Bank brings together companies and job seekers involved in all aspects of marketing and communications. Companies reach qualified marketing professionals by listing their job openings online. Job seekers view the listings to find suitable opportunities. Companies and job seekers contact each other directly. more


BMA SmartBrief Daily news for b2b marketers delivers the latest need-to-know industry news and information smart decision makers need. With so much information out there and so little time in the day to read it all, the stories are meticulously picked for content, and delivered straight to subscribers' inboxes or mobile devices - with the most relevant and important news - summarized, linked to the original sources, and delivered to you for FREE in one-stop-shop daily e-newsletters. more.

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